Monday, 4 June 2012

Peg Bag

This weekend my brother and sister in law came to visit us in Cambridge. As an early birthday present I made Katie (sister in law) a new peg bag. For some reason my brother thought he would make a good peg bag model so please excuse the photo and George's trade mark cheesy grin! 

How to..........
To make the bag i used a child size wooden hanger. I drew around the hanger onto the fabric to get the correct size and cut out the two sides of the bag with the floral fabric. One side i cut in half and then sewed it back up again to make the bag opening. I then sewed these together (right sides in), pressed seams and then turned it out. I then embellished the bag opening with lace and added a decorative button. Remember to leave a  opening at the top so you can insert the hanger!

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  1. Gorgeous! Oh George! I love the thumbs up! xxx