Monday, 16 January 2012

Button heart picture

I have been inspired by a few button pictures that I have seen recently in shops so I have made a button heart picture for our bedroom. It took only about an hour to make (and that was whilst I was also watching sunday eve tv) so a perfect quick evening craft project. It was also a great way of using my stash of favourite buttons that I keep (well hoard is probably more accurate!) for 'special' projects as it seems a good way of displaying them.

To make a button heart:

1) find a piece of fabric and a stack of buttons (I used about 60 of varying sizes for this project but kept to 1 colour theme)
2) draw a large heart on the fabric
3) sew the buttons onto the fabric using the lines as a guide
4) pop the picture into a frame and there you have it a lovely new picture for your wall!

1 comment:

  1. Nice and looking very beautiful like the framing album. Thanks for those tips and items needed listing.

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