Saturday, 28 July 2012

My derelict Dolls house

I am a huge fan of Gumtree (if you haven't come across it before it is best described as an online Friday Ad!) I scour the pages on a daily basis for items that I usually don't really need for the chance that I may stumble upon an amazing bargain or something j actually need. And so the other week I found this unloved but rather charming dolls house. It is in serious need of what estate agents would call modernisation. It has 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and a large lounge/dinning room all in a bad state! I am approaching this project with as much thought and interest as you would with a real house and i have been looking at home magazines and websites with great interest! Perhaps it is with the thought of us living in rented property for the foreseeable future and therefore unable to make my mark on a property that I am projecting my array of interior design ideas onto this project....

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Martha's car

This weekend (sorry this was actually written in may!)I have been particulary overwhlemed by the generosity and kindness of both strangers and friends. Perhaps it's the good spirit of the bank holidays combined with the joy of celebrating the jubilee that has made people really community minded.
Our church organised a big lunch and I was amazed at all the people that came from the neighbourhood. It was wonderful to talk to neighbours from all faiths and backgrounds; the world is so much better when people show interest and concern for each other. 
Then some close friends out of the blue offered to babysit, so my husband and I got a much needed evening out. It was lovely for someone to offer and made me feel really cared for. 
The third 'happy' incident was That i got talking to a neighbour who offered Martha a little tikes toy car for the garden. Martha loves these so much but I hadn't been able to find one cheaply so it was such a blessing to be given one for free! Martha was a bit upset when she realised it has to live outside so perhaps we can make her a mini garage. I wonder if she can start building up a no claims bonus for her car insurance!