Thursday, 30 August 2012

Martha's busy summer

Like many bloggers over the summer months my blog has been somewhat neglected. Martha and I have been off on our summer holidays enjoying the English sun and rain. These are some photos of Martha's highlights.We stayed we my parents on the South Coast for about a month so Nanny, the cat and their garden feature heavily!

I enjoyed many of the trips and days out we had. Whilst most people were heading up to London for the olympics we went to Tate Modern for the day and visited Damien Hirst's exhibition. I was thankful that some of the concepts in the exhibition went right over martha's head, i did get some funny looks whilst showing her the animals cut in half. For Martha though it was no different to seeing a jigsaw of an animal split into many pieces! My favourite work was the montage of blue butterflies arranged to look like a cathedral rose window called 'Sympathy in White Major - Absolution 11'.

Now we are back in Cambridge and ready for crafting!