Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Lampshade #3

Another lampshade!! I love making lampshades and for this one appliqu├ęd on 6 little dogs...perhaps this one may make it to my etsy shop. Any help or advice on how much i should price them at would be appreciated!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Lampshade #2

Lampshade project #2

This time I have made a 'Coolie' shape lampshade. This was slightly more tricky than i had anticipated as it was difficult getting the shape right, the drum lampshade was so much easier as it was all straight lines!This time I also used some cotton lace and tassels to decorate......not sure if it is a bit too old fashioned but i like it!   

I'm looking forward to making lots more lampshades in the coming weeks as a massive roll of sticky backed pvc & tape arrived today from NeedCraft! If you are interested in lampshade making i can really recommend them for all lampshade supplies and really speedy delivery.  

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My homemade ironing board cover

How to make an ironing board cover

What you need: 
1.3m fabric (However this depends on size of your ironing board)
Sewing machine


1) Draw around your ironing board onto a large piece of fabric
2) Cut out the cover leaving an extra 2" seem allowance around the shape
3) Turn in at the edges about 1.5" of fabric (raw sides together) and pin in place.
4) Sew the hem ensuring there is enough room to tread string around the edge. leave a gap of 1" so you can insert the string.
5) Use a safety pin to help tread string into the channel you have created.
6) Now you can adorn the ironing board with your new cover and pull on the string to tighten and secure it in place.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Bedroom makeover

I just love the Echino Fall 2011 fabric that I used for the lamp shade I made a few weeks ago and I have decided to frame some of the remnants. I know this isn't really a craft project as such, but why not frame fabric when it is just so gorgeous! It has made the room look really coordinated and it's nice to have a change of picture without any extra expense.

Button heart picture

I have been inspired by a few button pictures that I have seen recently in shops so I have made a button heart picture for our bedroom. It took only about an hour to make (and that was whilst I was also watching sunday eve tv) so a perfect quick evening craft project. It was also a great way of using my stash of favourite buttons that I keep (well hoard is probably more accurate!) for 'special' projects as it seems a good way of displaying them.

To make a button heart:

1) find a piece of fabric and a stack of buttons (I used about 60 of varying sizes for this project but kept to 1 colour theme)
2) draw a large heart on the fabric
3) sew the buttons onto the fabric using the lines as a guide
4) pop the picture into a frame and there you have it a lovely new picture for your wall!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Handmade drum lampshade & 'The Eternal Maker' review

It turns out today has been super productive. Alongside the usual jobs associated with caring for a 1 year old, I have been swimming, had a trip into Cambridge, done some bread baking and have done lots of crafting!

The crafting was inspired by this mornings exciting delivery from the 'The Eternal Maker'. I had ordered all the components needed for lampshade making and a selection of beautiful fabrics. The fabric I used for the lampshade (pictured above on a charity shop find lamp base) is a japanese fabric: peck stripe faded pink & aqua - echino fall 2011 fabric by etsuko furuya. It is a lovely slightly chunky weave and the colours are intense and bright.

I would also like to highly recommend The Eternal Maker's Internet shop and service, my products arrived in under 3 days and were perfect. I used to frequently visit their gorgeous Chichester shop during my lunch breaks from the gallery and I was always tempted to buy something (and sometimes lots of things). I sadly now live too far away to visit (Tom however is very thankful for this!) but i will definitely be shopping online with them again soon. I loved making the lampshade and may try out a few more designs.

New home cards

I recently received an order (via Mia Bella Casa in Ferring) to design and make new home cards for an estate agents in Worthing. They will be sending them out when they sell a home. I was really excited to get this order and really enjoyed  making them. It has made me think that i should work a bit harder at selling cards...perhaps that should be my new years resolution!

Cath kidston fabric covered box

Using some scrap Cath kidston fabric I have covered our bedside table. Well what I call our bedside table is actually one of those old bathroom storage boxes with a weird cork lid perhaps fashionable in the 70's?! Quite handy to have extra storage space as I am such a hoarder and now it looks much better. I am going to slowly rejuvenate things in the bedroom as I am a bit bored of its decor; next targets are to update duvet cover and lamp shade! I can't really buy anything new so i am going to try and use things I already have in my craft stash to up-cycle.