Monday, 30 April 2012

Project deckchair - bird print fabric (Martha's nap time project #1)

Today during Martha's lunchtime nap I made a new cover for my deckchair. It was surprisingly easy to make and I used the old cover to get the correct size. I purchased the lovely grey bird fabric (Berkeley Square -Lime) from CallyCo in Cambridge. Even though the fabric is upholstery weight fabric i wanted to give myself extra piece of mind that it would stand up to heavy and perhaps weighty use so i backed the fabric with a plain linen. Now i need to decide whether i should paint the frame? white? grey? any ideas?!

I am also setting myself a challenge of each week completing a project during Martha's nap time.....this is project #1! Next week: Drum lampshades 


So today (12 May 2012) I decided to paint the deckchair with Farrow and Ball Old white No.4 (mostly because i still had some left over from the dresser project) 

 Here are the results:

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Fabric collage bunting

Finally got around to making a project I first saw in edition 1 of mollie makes magazine!

The fabric is machine stitched on to paper. Pennants are cut out and sewn onto binding tape. Easy.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Rag rug project

I have started to make a rag rug. I am using an old coffee sack as the base and am raiding my fabric scrap bags. I use a small metal crochet hook to poke the fabric through the coffee sack. I am really enjoying the slightly mindless repetition of the project, very therapeutic!

2/5/12 Update: progress is going well on the rag rug. I still think it will take months but it really is the perfect hobby for anyone who has to always be making something whilst watching tv!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Our Easter tree

Much to my husbands dismay this year we once again have a Easter Tree in our house. My husband is not a fan of decorative things like this and the whole idea totally baffles him but i love it! 

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Round fabric cushion

In Martha's nap time today I made a round cushion for her garden chair. I sewed together strips of fabric then gathered ends in the middle and fastened with a button.

Simnal cake

Monday, 2 April 2012

My Space

I feel fortunate to have a little area in our house where i can store all my crafting supplies and work on my projects in relative peace. In the winter it gets a bit chilly as its really a very badly insulated conservatory on the back of our house but from about Mid-March till October it is very useful!

Blackboard paint is great!

I have got a bit addicted to black board paint! Its amazing! I have transformed a plain book case, drawers and table. The possibilities are endless!

Fymo button magnets

I made these fimo button fridge magnets a while ago but forgot to post them. Very easy to make - I made the buttons using the popular clay stuff fymo (use specific directions on fymo pack for baking/temp etc) and  then attached magnet! Simple!