Monday, 28 May 2012

Rocking chair revamp

I used a fat quarter of Amy Butler Soul Blossoms Buttercup Spearmint Fabric to cover the top section of my wooden rocking chair. I purchased the rocking chair shortly after Martha was born from a furniture charity shop in Cambridge called Emmaus.

 I used Decopatch glue to varnish the fabric and I was really impressed with the quality of the  glue. It was actually much better than pva and is water resistant so definitely worth the extra money.  In the past I have always assumed it was the same as PVA but in a pretty tub and therefor basically bit of a con but I can assure the sceptics it is not!  The fabric has really uplifted the  chair and it looks lovely in Martha's room. I think when we move I would actually like it in my bedroom!

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