Saturday, 25 June 2011

Clasp Purse/handbag

Retro Purse 

Clasp Purse with buttons

It was my birthday this week and my lovely mother-in-law gave me a voucher for fabric shop 'Cally-Co' in Cambridge. So the day after my birthday I was straight in there buying some gorgeous fabric including this lovely red floral/spotty design photographed above!

Tonights project has been on my mind for a while as several weeks ago i bought the metal frame for the clasp on ebay but had just been waiting for the right fabric. I found some guidelines on the Internet on how to make a pattern and construct the purse.

I found that the instructions were really easy to follow and would definitely recommend them.
I gave the purse my own style by adding some buttons and i think if i make it again i will add applique. i just have to decide do i keep, sell or give away the purse (i think its a keeper!)

Monday, 13 June 2011

Baby Shoes (in all shapes and sizes!)

Baby Shoes on Baby's feet
Handmade baby shoes - different sizes 
Baby shoes - Cath Kidston fabric 

Martha is now 7 months old and I decided to make her a little pair of shoes. However I had problems with the sizing/scale and the first pair I made were very cute but far too small, i tried again and they were still a little bit too small and finally I have just finished my 3rd attempt and they are a little big but will be fine in a few weeks! The shoes are lined with matching fabric and the fabric has a layer of interfacing ironed on to the back to make them more robust. They were a really fun little project and a good way of using small scraps of fabric!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Drink Shop & Do

The other week I visited Drink Shop & Do. It is a Vintage styled quirky craft cafe/shop incredibly near Kings Cross station. Drink Shop & Do has a relaxed vibe and a wonderfully friendly atmosphere which you don't except from its central location. Some tables were reserved for groups but there was plenty of space to just turn up even on a Saturday afternoon. It would be a perfect place for a girly hen party or birthday celebration as the themed decor makes it feel special and unlike other 'high tea' type venues.
Drinks are served in an odd assortment of vintage crockery and there is a gorgeous selection of tempting cakes on offer. Even though a lot of care has gone into the appearance of Drink Shop & Do is not feel too over the top or try-hard. To add to the cafe element of the venture they also focus on making things and they run a fab selection of crafty/vintage inspired workshops like crochet, cup cake making and even a session on 'pin -up' hair and makeup.
Downstairs is a small shop selling a nice mixture of jewellery and crafty gifts however i thought the shop was slightly sparse and could have a little more available. The only downside for me is that to get to the cafe you have to climb about 12 steps which is not easy with a buggy (but i am sure if my friends hadn't helped a friendly waitress would have!)