Saturday, 25 June 2011

Clasp Purse/handbag

Retro Purse 

Clasp Purse with buttons

It was my birthday this week and my lovely mother-in-law gave me a voucher for fabric shop 'Cally-Co' in Cambridge. So the day after my birthday I was straight in there buying some gorgeous fabric including this lovely red floral/spotty design photographed above!

Tonights project has been on my mind for a while as several weeks ago i bought the metal frame for the clasp on ebay but had just been waiting for the right fabric. I found some guidelines on the Internet on how to make a pattern and construct the purse.

I found that the instructions were really easy to follow and would definitely recommend them.
I gave the purse my own style by adding some buttons and i think if i make it again i will add applique. i just have to decide do i keep, sell or give away the purse (i think its a keeper!)

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  1. Hi Emily, love the purse. Where did you order the clasp from? I wanted one for a knitted purse but the only one I could find was £8 from John Lewis, which seemed a tad steep!! Beky