Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My homemade ironing board cover

How to make an ironing board cover

What you need: 
1.3m fabric (However this depends on size of your ironing board)
Sewing machine


1) Draw around your ironing board onto a large piece of fabric
2) Cut out the cover leaving an extra 2" seem allowance around the shape
3) Turn in at the edges about 1.5" of fabric (raw sides together) and pin in place.
4) Sew the hem ensuring there is enough room to tread string around the edge. leave a gap of 1" so you can insert the string.
5) Use a safety pin to help tread string into the channel you have created.
6) Now you can adorn the ironing board with your new cover and pull on the string to tighten and secure it in place.

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