Monday, 13 June 2011

Baby Shoes (in all shapes and sizes!)

Baby Shoes on Baby's feet
Handmade baby shoes - different sizes 
Baby shoes - Cath Kidston fabric 

Martha is now 7 months old and I decided to make her a little pair of shoes. However I had problems with the sizing/scale and the first pair I made were very cute but far too small, i tried again and they were still a little bit too small and finally I have just finished my 3rd attempt and they are a little big but will be fine in a few weeks! The shoes are lined with matching fabric and the fabric has a layer of interfacing ironed on to the back to make them more robust. They were a really fun little project and a good way of using small scraps of fabric!


  1. These are devine Em! Martha is one cool kid! Takes after her Mum! I love them, could you make some in my size?!?!!! I might need a little more than scraps tho! xxxx

  2. You are so very talented! love them :) x