Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Martha & Me

My blog is called 'Martha and Me' and It feels like it is about time that i gave a little update about Martha (my daughter) & me!

Martha is now a fully fledged toddler and this has made it both easier and more tricky for me to pursue my crafting career/hobby.  I now find she (generally) sleeps better so i usually get about an hour in the daytime and also most evenings to myself  but find it impossible whilst she is awake  (she just wants to join in with what I am doing or when my back is turned she gets up to all sorts of mischief.) So with all this time I now have, I am embarking on a new season of craft fairs and stalls. The first is this Friday with my lovely friend, fellow vicars-wife-to-be and all round talented crafter Erin.

This week Martha has shown an interest in drawing! I was so delighted that she was willing and seemingly pleased to participate in a creative pursuit!  Her first artistic experience has been with wax crayons and scrap paper. I'm not sure what the subject matter was, probably either books, bananas or biscuits (she seems to have a penchant for "b"words) so i will just leave it to the viewers interpretation. I wasn't so pleased the next day when she found a discarded crayon and went to the rug where we had previously sat to draw (on paper) and scribbled on the cream rug...I will have to watch out!

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