Sunday, 11 March 2012

Craft Evening

On Friday my lovely friend Erin (Click here for link to her blog) and I had our first evening craft fair. We filled her living room and kitchen with our handmade wares and baked lots of cakes for our guests. There was a really cosy and friendly atmosphere and I was really pleased with how it went. It was my first time selling lamps (I felt quite nervous as it was totally uncharted territory for me and was unsure how they would sell!). So I was really pleased that I sold 3 and got a generally positive response towards them! The lovely 'elephant parade' fabric shades were very popular but didn't go, so Martha now has one in her room! Cards sold well and I ran out of Mothers Day cards. So all in all, a fun and profitable evening was had. Now we hope to embark on more craft fairs and events in the area.

My husband (Tom) and brother-in-law (Dave) generously spent much of Saturday afternoon planning a new website for me....I am really excited about it and can't wait for it to be finished!

Shades & pictures on display
Cushion For Sale!


  1. Wow these crafty things look lovely! I didn't know you were doing this, but would definitely be interested in future ones you do. Sounds very exciting :) x

  2. Hi Emily! So glad you want to take part in Craft It Foward - can you please email me so I have your email address -

    Thanks Jewel x