Monday, 23 May 2011

High Chair - Spotty Fabric - Recycled & Recovered

I am a little bit picky about high chairs and was determined to find one for Martha which blended in well with the rest of our lounge and one that I would be happy to have up all the time. This wish at first seemed unlikely as most wooden highchairs are pretty expensive. So I decided to keep an eye out on ebay and gumtree and I did eventually spot a wooden high chair at a bargain price in Cambridge! The high chair is lovely but the removable cover was a bit grim so this afternoon i covered it in some gorgeous fabric from CallyCo (in Cambridge) and it is (in my opinion) transformed! The photo above shows Martha testing out the new chair cover and looking rather pleased! Perhaps the fabric isn't the most practical for the inevitable food spillages it will suffer but it is v.pretty and i can always put it in the washing machine!

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