Sunday, 17 October 2010

Rejuvenating my old chairs

I have had these chairs for a while now and before they were mine they belonged to my Grandparents who used them as kitchen chairs.

I should have taken a 'before and after' photo but like with most projects i tend to jump straight in.....I have no patience when it comes to craft and have to start a project as soon as an idea comes to mind. So, in the absence of a 'before' photo you will have to believe me that the chair frames were an unpainted light wood and the seat covers a rather dated sandy cream vinyl fabric. Overall they looked a bit boring and miserable.

I used the left over paint (yes the paint left-over’s keep on going…) from the dresser project (see below) to paint the chairs. I then covered the seat bases in some lovely 1950s style fabric; the fabric features a dense pattern of stylised flowers and seed heads. The fabric was on the end of a roll in John Lewis and because they only had 90cm left and I had asked for 100cm they gave it to me for half price. Good Customer service and a bargain – great!

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