Saturday, 17 April 2010

Love Nigella

I have had bit of a Nigella inspired weekend. I love 'Nigella Express' and have cooked so many of the recipes over the past year. This weekend i made the 'Totally Chocolate Chip Cookies' (snack to keep husband happy) 'Coq Au Riesling' (dinner guests) and 2 x 'Cherry Cheescakes' (dinner party and girls night in). The recipes are really low effort for the great results you get. The Cheesecake and Coq Au Riesling are great dinner party foods as you can prepare them well in advance. I don't really like putting the cherry conserve on the cheesecake so instead i cover with strawberry jam (best quality) and then cover with a berry fruit salad. I have also been known to cover the cheesecake with chocolates. My other favourite recipes in this book are the 'Mellow Meatballs' 'Chocolate Pistachio fudge' and 'Rocky Road'. The recipes in this book are really realistic for busy people with limited skill and basic equipment.

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