Wednesday, 8 September 2010

'Love the lord your God with all your heart' picture

This idea was adapted from "Not on the high's" popular map pictures by a friend and myself who thought we could do 'that' better...........

We spent an evening creating a few different designs. I made one for a friend's wedding with their names and date of wedding included in the design. I also wanted to make one which used a bible verse; Christian bookshops usually only have cheap looking, badly designed Christian gifts with bible verse (so my challenge was to try and show it is posible to create nice Christian gifts.....why suddenly ignore any sense of style!)

For the picture above I decided on a verse from Luke 10:27 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart" (the verse also had to use only 9 words as i wanted just 9 hearts in the picture!)

I have also made many other similar pictures with different style papers, verses and words included. The possibilities for this style picture are endless! The only real cost of making them is the time it takes and a frame.

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