Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Make your own carrier bag holder in under 30min!!!

This project is so quick and easy to make and  it only uses up 1 fat quarter of fabric. If you are anything like me you will have purchased many of these tempting squares of fabric on a total whim with a faint belief that they will get used one day. But in reality they just sit in the fabric pile never quite making it in your selection for the latest project - well here is the project!!!
Step 1 Take 1 fat quarter of fabric and cut off a strip of about 10cam wide. 

Step  2 Using the bigger piece of fabric, match up the 2 longest sides with pattern facing and sew together. Press the seam. 

Step 3 Take the 'off cut' of fabric and make into a handle. I like to sew longest edges together and turn out. But feel free to use what ever method you like!

Step 4 With the main piece of fabric sewn together and still the wrong sides facing out make a seam at the top and bottom of the fabric (choose which end you will sew the handle)- this is where the elastic will go. Make sure you leave a small gap (2cm) to thread the elastic in. I attach the elastic to a safety pin to help push it in. Pull in the elastic to make the fabric ruffle and tie in a knot. Don't worry about sewing the gap up - just tie the ends off well. 

Step 4 Sew in the handle. Turn the whole thing and out and there you go you have a handy carrier bag holder in (hopefully) under 30min. 

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  1. Love this!!! Even better get CK fat quarters off ebay for cheap!!! xxx