Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Getting ready for Christmas......

Now it is the 2nd November I feel it is ok to embark on the massive task of making this years batch of Christmas presents and cards. I have decided for 2010 to make small tree decorations instead of cards and attach a message on each one with a brown luggage tag. The fabric hearts only take a little longer to make than a card and i think are a nice keep-sake. I have stuffed each with wading and finished them with an antique button. The ribbon was purchased from CallyCo in Cambridge (see post below). If I make about 10 a week I should have enough but perhaps I am being too optimistic with the imminent arrival of baby Robson!


  1. Those are BEAUTIFUL! I love the idea. Do you sew them by hand? I made my own christmas cards this year but how much more fun are these

  2. Thank you that's really kind. I decided to use a sewing machine rather than hand - mostly so i could make the quickily!

  3. Ah, what a good idea! I'm set to make christmas cards this weekend, but am really tempted to make these too now! I have some dried scented laveder I've been meaning to use up for ages so these would be perfect...